As a long-term partner of Ruukki we have been creating marketing strategies and communication that highlight Ruukki’s market leading qualities that competitors look up and copy. Our common goal is to strengthen Ruukki’s role as the market lead in the roofing business and increase brand recognition based on the “Authenticity” -strategy.

Roof 2018

Roofs are a low-interest product, of which the common opinion seems to be that “a roof is a roof”. Ruukki’s competitors claim that their product is “the same as Ruukki’s”, but (25%) cheaper. This view has been shared by the installers, and through them to the consumers.

We wanted to demonstrate why it really matters who you choose as your roof supplier. While the concept demonstrates why it is important to choose a genuine Ruukki, we indirectly warn of the copycats out there.

The campaign resulted in a 50% increase in leads generated.