Personal finance is changing rapidly. Banking is mobile, world is open, and sustainability way more than a fancy word. A modern bank should help people to find the best scheme that works for them. One that supports their goals and dreams. One that is both trustworthy and inspiring. One that gives them skills to navigate through the economics of life successfully without stress. Sounds like a job for Nordea.

Equity savings account

What’s the beef? Easy and affordable equity savings! New equity savings account is intended for anyone interested in long-term saving in equities, even when you are trading in small sums. It used to be more tricky and brokerage fees varied a lot. But now, with Nordea, it makes sense even with small monthly investments.


MyLife Insurance

Finally an insurance that truly moves you. Knowing MyLife covers unexpected events like permanent disability, serious illness and death can be touching. But that's not all, MyLife also motivates you to achieve more active, healthy life style that can increase your insurance cover up to 25% without any extra cost. Now that's a happy thought: financial security and well-being in the same package!


Financial skills for everyone

Responsible, sustainable personal banking is a win-win-win-situation. It’s good for people, business and society. Every year Nordea helps more than 100 000 young people to develop their financial skills in a fast paced and connected world. This year we helped them to tell about it.


Flexible housing loan

Life can be full of big and small surprises. Luckily the flexible housing loan helps you to navigate through them with ease. And to get it you don’t even have lift your butt from the couch.


Premium banking

Managing your wealth is often tricky. There’s many variables to consider and often very little time. As a Premium Customer it’s all solved for you in next to no time. You are entitled to many exclusive benefits tailored to your needs.


Responsible investments

Taking environmental, social and governance criteria into consideration when investing one’s funds is not only good for sustainability but also beneficial from a financial perspective. With Nordea's responsible funds people can really make a difference. So it was time for the legendary Globe coin bank to return, this time in a digital form, as a symbol of more sustainable future.