Kämp Collection Hotels

We help KCH to become the number one hotel facilitator brand in Finland – and the platform that people think of when looking for a quality hotel in Helsinki.

Advent Calendar

Advent calendar was an online Christmas campaign that combined elegant illustration to an elegant way to market all 10 Kämp Collection Hotels and the hotel services in Christmas spirit. Each December day revealed a special hotel, restaurant or spa offer, the perfect present for someone who already has everything.

Advent calendar’s illustration salutes the historical Helsinki. The illustration features the crown jewel of Kämp Collection Hotels, Finland’s one and only grand hotel Kämp, and the surrounding Esplanad Park. To make the illustration more fun and captivating, we hid small stories with Christmas seasonal elements and details that invited the viewer explore it again and again.


City Gems

Brief: Kämp Collection Hotels wanted to boost summer slaes and promote Helsinki as a destination to both foreign and domestic visitors.

Solution: We created City Gems, a campaign that showcased a new Helsinki neighborhood every second week during the spring and summer. Each neighborhood included alluring accommodation and service offers along with interesting Helsinki tips from well-known residents and Kämp Collection Hotels staff. The sales results have exceeded all expectations and many of the offers have sold out in just a day.


Visual Identity

Kämp Collection Hotels is not familiar to many although its 7 hotel brands are. When creating a new visual identity for Kämp Collection Hotels it was important to avoid conflicts or competing with the hotels’ own visual identities. With this in mind we set out to create an interesting and diverse visual identity that would raise interest towards Kämp Collection Hotels and also please the eye.

The identity’s biggest inspiration was contrast. The logo, colors, typography, visual elements, textures and they ways they are used are all based on creating interesting contrasts. Kämp Collection Hotels identity is a combination of grandeur and warmth, modern and timeless, urban chic and traditionalistic grand, just like its hotels are.