Meet the team: Sara Nevalainen – Production AD & Graphic Designer

Written by McCann Helsinki
June 29, 2021

Meet Sara – A movie fan and a Production AD

How’s it going? 

Thanks for asking, it’s going great! I’m working on some exciting projects this week. And also tending to mosquito bites I acquired during the Midsummer weekend. I feel I speak for everyone when I say there’s too many mosquitoes this year!

What’s the most recent change in your life?

After a year of remote working, I’ve started working some days at the office again.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read this week?

Just this morning I read an article about the Finnish singer Olavi Virta’s life. It was interesting to me because I heard his song Hopeinen kuu during the Midsummer weekend.

That song gives a Midsummer feeling for sure. Is there something else you wish to recommend to the readers?

I recommend TikTok, which is currently my favourite social media platform. The misconception is that it’s just for teenagers, and the only content is dance videos. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s an older crowd in TikTok too! As with other social media platforms, your feed will personalize to your interests. I feel that the TikTok community is very supportive and inclusive, and I learn new things and get new perspectives every day. So folks, try it out!

What is your favourite place in the whole world? 

My favourite place is my home. Especially during COVID times, the importance of home has increased, so I feel lucky I enjoy the place and space I live in. Sure, I could use a separate room for an office, but currently I’ve taken over the dining room table and it’s working out so far. I’ve got an air conditioner right next to me, which has been a life-saver during these hot days.

And where would you like to travel in the future?

I’d like to re-visit New Zealand, where I lived for a year back in 2010. I wish to explore the beautiful country more and meet up again with my kiwi friends. I miss you guys!

Who knows you the best?

One could argue that my boyfriend knows me the best, but on the other hand he will stress out when faced with the task of buying me a birthday/Christmas present. At that point, all knowledge of things I like fly right out the window! 😃  I like lots of things, so I feel like it’s super easy to buy me a present.

Can you tell us what you like about your job as a Production AD & Graphic Designer? 

I work for a variety of clients and projects, so each day is unique. One day I might be creating illustrations to our website in support of Pride Week (Happy Pride Week!) and the other day I might be focusing on production work such as designing Social Media ads, Direct Mails or e-mail newsletters. I enjoy the visual communication aspect of my job, and creating things gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I’m the one my colleagues turn to when they need any presentations to look REAL GOOD. 

If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, in what other profession you could see yourself in? 

I could see myself as an Art Teacher. When I was younger, I was considering it as one option for my studies. I enjoy mentoring and helping others. I’m also interested in interior design, renovating and home construction, and I’ve worked at IKEA before. I could also see myself working in the Construction or Interior Design field.

Thanks! That was all for now!

Thanks very much! 😊

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