Meet the team: Pinja Helin, Account Manager

Written by McCann Helsinki
June 8, 2021

Meet Pinja – dog lover, aunt and the one with the greatest Spotify playlists

How is it going?

It’s going great, finally the warm summer days are here after the looooong winter.

What has been on your mind lately?

I always have multiple things on my mind, the same way I have 33 tabs on my Chrome browser open at all times. Besides work stuff, my mind has been on my summer holiday plans – I am hoping I can do a couple hiking trips and a roadtrip with my best friend.

What’s the most recent change in you?

Recently I heard a great advice regarding mental health, which was “If it still bothers you after 24 hours, speak up within 48 hours” and since then I have started to live by this rule. I am also very outspoken and I’ve started to pay attention how I communicate my opinions, so that I won’t seem too much of a “jyrä.”

What song would you recommend to someone? ​

I absolutely can’t recommend just one song, so here are my top 5 songs at the moment:

Tresor – Aphrodite

Toto – Orphan

Walk the Moon – Aquaman

Chvrches – Graves

Ryan Beatty – Powerslide

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

My niece graduated from 2nd grade last Saturday and I saw her report card. It had a list of things they’ve learnt this year and one of the things was “respecting other’s right to physical integrity” and I was super impressed that in Finnish school system we are enforcing this early on!

What is your motto?

I have a lot of mottos around the same theme, but let’s say “treat everyone with kindness” 🙂

If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, in what other profession you could see yourself in?

As I think I have the greatest music taste ever and I make the best music playlists, I would like to be employed by Spotify, so I could curate the playlists! Or my other choice would be doggie day care, can you imagine anything better than be surrounded by dogs all day, you know, because dogs are the best.

Your title is “Account Manager” – what do you tell your relatives you do for work? 

The easiest way to describe what I do, is simply to say that I am the link between our creative team and our clients.

What do you like about your job? 

I am a team player and, in this job, it really is about the teamwork. I also like to get sh*t done, so that’s also big part of the job.

What do you think is the most interesting thing happening in the world now? 

I read somewhere that the last 100 years has been all about men and the next 100 years will be about women. I think it’s interesting to see the change happening now and even though there’s still lot to do, there has been a definite change. As I have 3 nieces, 1 goddaughter and 1 nephew it makes me happy to think that they will grow up in a world that treats not only women, but everyone even more equally.

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