We help brands earn a meaningful role in peoples lives. We manage customer journeys with data, insights & creativity.


Data. Insight. Research. Experience. First step towards any goal is an inspirational and inevitable truth. The truth is then refined into an effective campaign, design, service or strategy. Anything that delivers what is briefed. We work in Helsinki and in 100+ countries across the globe. Please, get in touch.

Our Services

Random stuff can be fun if you are willing to accept random results. We build brands. That’s why our strategy and creativity is always based on insights. And that can be fun too!


We turn your vision into a concrete strategy & ready to implement roadmap.

• Customer Journey Mapping
• Market & Customer Research
• Marketing Strategy & Planning
• Customer lifecycle Management Planning


We make your strategy come to life as creative concepts & produce them for every channel

• Campaigns & Promotions
• ATL (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor)
• Digital (Web, Mobile, Some)


Our creativity is based on data to engage your customers´ lives personally & grow your business

• Data Insights & Analytics
• Lead Generation
• Conversion Optimization
• CRM & Marketing Automation


Meet the team: Viveka Forsman – Senior Art Director

Meet Viveka - Art enthusiast and a podcaster How is it going? Fast. Things are moving at a fast phase, but I think it’s a very pleasant situation that opportunities and windows for dreams, visions...

Customer-Centric Strategy: The Secret to Marketing Success

Customers are ultimately the most important part of any business because, without customers, you can't have a business. It doesn't matter if you're company is B2C, B2B or D2C, having a detailed...

Marketing strategy done right

Q4, the oh-so-wonderful and soul-crushing period, when companies need to wake up to the looming reality that the year is coming to an end. Management is pushing to speed up the sales, revisit...

Meet the team: Olga Shaleeva – CRM Campaign Coordinator

Meet Olga - soon-to-be dog mama and a dancer How is it going? Everything is good, thanks! Working energetically, waiting for the holidays, and enjoying every day of this beautiful summer! What has...

About football and data, without a single mention of VAR

The very first data we used from a football match was probably the score. Who wins and how. Size of the pitch, goal, ball and teams are negotiable still today. I will not dive into those. Just...

Meet the team: Sara Nevalainen – Production AD & Graphic Designer

Meet Sara - A movie fan and a Production AD How's it going?  Thanks for asking, it’s going great! I’m working on some exciting projects this week. And also tending to mosquito bites I acquired...

Meet the team: Salla Hyttinen – Strategic Consultant

Meet Salla - A ramen enthusiast and wanderluster  How is it going?  Thanks, yeah things have been good. A bit hectic for me as I am adjusting to...

Meet the team: Antti Iiskola, Data Driven Creative Director

Meet Antti – A musician & Data Driven Creative Director How is it going?  Busy, busy, busy. But I guess that's a good thing. Means that there is work to be done and that's always a happy thing....

Meet the team: Jukka Ihalainen, Digital Operations Director

Meet Jukka – a generalist and a Bali lover How is it going?  It’s going actually awesomely! I'm totally a sunshine and a Summer person, so I am really enjoying seeing...

Älä mene rikki rahasta

Viisi vuotta sitten Nordea päivitti sponsorointistrategiansa ytimen ja siirtyi tukemaan taloustaitoja ja yrittäjyyttä yhdessä kumppaniensa kanssa. Uuden strategian johdosta Nordean...

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